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U.S. immigration law provides for temporary or permanent immigration benefits to individuals in need under dire circumstances, ranging from natural disasters, armed conflict, oppression or other personal emergencies.

Certain humanitarian benefits include applying for asylum upon arrival to the U.S., receiving temporary protected status due to emergency circumstances in a person’s home country, and entering the U.S. for a significant humanitarian or significant public benefit.

It is imperative to consult with an experienced immigration attorney before you apply for humanitarian relief. Many of the humanitarian benefits are granted at the discretion of the immigration officer. Submitting a comprehensive petition with corroborating evidence is key to a successful outcome.

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To qualify for asylum, you must show that you have suffered past or fear future persecution in your home country. Your fear of persecution or the past persecution you have suffered must be on account of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. You must be physically present in the U.S. to apply for and be granted affirmative asylum. Generally, you must apply for affirmative asylum within 12 months of arriving to the U.S. unless you can show good cause for your delay.

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Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

Countries are designated for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) due to exigent circumstances which prevent nationals from that country to return safely.
Exigent circumstances warranting TPS may be an ongoing armed conflict, environmental disaster or epidemic. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) designates countries for TPS and initiates certain periods in which TPS beneficiaries may register.

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Humanitarian Parole

Humanitarian parole may be requested by individuals who are outside of the United States based on humanitarian or significant public benefit reasons.
The duration of the parole is granted based upon individual circumstances, but usually may not be longer than one year. The categories designated by USCIS which qualify for temporary humanitarian relief are as follows:

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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Certain individuals who are present in and came to the U.S. unlawfully as children may be eligible for deferred action under DACA.
Deferred action is an immigration benefit which does not provide lawful status but will delay the removal of such individual from the U.S. DACA recipients qualify for work authorization and may be eligible to receive travel authorization

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Achieve Your Dream of American Citizenship

The process of becoming a U.S. citizen if you were born outside the U.S. is referred to as naturalization. To be eligible for naturalization, you must have acquired legal permanent residence (green card) for a certain period of time. Generally, you must have been a permanent resident for five years, or three years if you attained your legal permanent resident status via your U.S. citizen spouse.

In addition, you must meet the following criteria:

– 18 years of age or older at the time you file the application;

-Continuous residence and physical presence in the United States

-Able to read, write and speak English

-Demonstrate good moral character

-Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of U.S. history and government

-Demonstrate a loyalty to the principles of the U.S. Constitution

-Willing to take the Oath of Allegiance

You are required to pass an English and civics test during the naturalization process. There are exception available for certain individuals based on age or medical condition. You may be exempt from the English language requirement if you are either age 50 and older and have resided in the U.S. for 20 years, or you are 55 or older and have resided in the U.S. for 15 years. You are still required to pass the civics test, unless you qualify for a medical disability exception certified by a medical doctor.

Once USCIS approves your application for naturalization, you will be invited to a ceremony in which you must take the Oath of Allegiance to the U.S. and you will officially become a U.S. citizen.

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