Now you can get Dog Bite Attorneys to compensate you!

Has a neighborhood dog bit you? Suffering from a horrible dog bite attack? Don’t worry; now you can get Dog Bite Attorneys to exercise your proper rights!

Dog Bites are nothing out of the ordinary and happen all the time in the US. It was reported that around 4.5 million Dog bites occur yearly, with the most cases happening in Urban areas of Arizona and Washington.

What can you do if a Dog Bites you?

Well, the first thing that you need to do is call 911. It’s pretty obvious we know; however, some people might have an “Eh, it’s just a dog bite; what’s the worst that can happen?” attitude. The worst things come to those people.

You see, fear or anxiety causes the most aggressive behavior in dogs. Sometimes, the animal might be suffering from a disease like Rabies, a devasting virus that can inherently cause your death if you are not careful enough or unlucky enough to be bit by a dog with this disease.

In some cases, Dogs might bite you as well to protect their owners, puppies, or even their territory. If you were lucky enough to be bitten by a dog with an owner, then you can be rest assured that you can quickly get a Dog bite attorney to help you in compensation.

What can a Dog Bite Attorney in Arizona do?

You see, medical bills aren’t cheap, and honestly, being bit by a dog that belongs to your neighbors can be annoying. A dog Bite attorney in Arizona can help you come to a settlement with the Dog’s owner, which can help you pay your medical bills and any other necessary damage.

However, you need to be fast!

Although you can get compensated for your damages, you need to know that the state of Arizona has a “strict liability” for claims such as any attacks from dogs, which means that the owner is liable to compensate the person bitten by their Dog. The duration of this compensation settlement is over a year, and it is up to you to file the case over a year; this is known as the statute of limitations. After a year, the case will be dismissed, so you need to hurry if you want to get compensated by the owner. Get a Dog Bite Attorney today!

In some cases, if the dog owner has solid proof that the Dog bit you only because you provoked it intentionally, then the owner can file a claim of self-defense against the person bitten by their Dog.

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